Johnny Rockets Social and ReBrand

Johnny Rockets approached The Fantastical to reassess how the global restaurant is presented to the world. The goal was to bring the brand back to life with a consistent, fun look and a cool, energetic voice that reflects the restaurant’s over-the-top personality. Keeping the existing core values in mind, we created the tagline and rallying cry “Rock On!” as a way to unify the Johnny Rockets brand across countries and media channels. It represents a movement that unites employees, global franchisees and customers.

“Rock On!” is an attitude and a spirit of fun and adventure, inspired by the people who love Johnny Rockets. Like rock and roll itself, it’s rebellious by nature with an energetic delivery and a strong voice and has a bit of a bite.

We strategize. We shoot. We create. We run & gun. We post. We promote. We grow audiences. And we all have a lot of fun doing it on a daily basis! Here are just a few quick examples of our ongoing brand and social media efforts for Johnny Rockets.

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