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Transformative insights that transform brands.

Brand growth defining strategies, identities and expressions.

Branding & strategy - A mix of science and art, practice and play.

The Fantastical Brand Lab group led by industry veteran Scott Karambis, works at a foundational level to give clarity of thinking in strategy and execution around brands. From brand positioning, to evaluating brand models and targets, to messaging architectures, to brand essence, identity and design development, we strategically and collaboratively help clients bring their business and marketing vision to life.

We have branded, created, designed and dreamed with some of the world’s top B2C and B2B brands for over 25 years. From Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Zappos, MINDBODY, Panera, Sam Adams, Sovos, iRobot and hundreds of others in all shapes and sizes. Our team of seasoned pro’s draws upon our wide-ranging brand-building experience and processes to unlock the potential in brands.

Research and insights that aren't framed and actionable is just a pile of research and insights. We know what to do with it to turn it into actionable strategy and branding.
“The Fantastical Brand Lab is a mix of science and art, practice and play. At The Fantastical, we’re building an very unique integrated practice, drawing insights from every side of the field—consumer and cultural research, experience design, behavioral science, and more.” - Scott Karambis, Director of Brand Planning and Strategy
What we do to get there.
A few examples of types of challenges we have helped solve.
The Fantastical Brand Lab specializes in branding and re-branding, master branding, brand strategy and positioning, brand research, brand workshops, mission statements, brand identity look, tone & feel, design, customer journey mapping, digital branding, brand and logo design.