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Some behind the scenes news.

Professional violinist Gregory Harrington certainly struck a chord with our latest F.W. Webb Home campaign :)

Frank Webb Home’s “Match Your Style” campaign launched in late May across multiple media including television, social media, digital, radio and print advertising. The commercial — filmed in the Seabrook, NH showroom — features various showroom settings with different styles ranging from rustic, coastal, traditional, modern and even minimalist.


People have their own personal styles — quite often reflected in their homes and musical taste. Matching your style to your home is foundational to the campaign. The varying showroom settings, and the accompanying music, both play significant roles in the 30-second spot.

Gregory Harrington is the man behind the music for the “Match Your Style” campaign. But Harrington is more than just an acclaimed musician. He appears in the commercial as “the violinist in the bath tub.” Harrington’s value to the campaign was far greater than just a cameo of a few seconds.




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