Rebrand and Integrated refresh

Our “Deliciously Fun” platform is the foundation of a complete integrated brand overhaul for the beloved American brand. It’s about putting the food back on a pedestal and bringing a level of mistchivious fun back into all aspects of the brand. New look. New voice. New attitude. New advertising. New social. New content. New menu. New photography. New everything. Have a peek at just a sampling of the new brand work that has yielded some delicious results!

Social content and brand activation stunt example
In order to highlight the “outrageously huge” Triple Decker Bacon Cheeseburger and the “absurdly big” Monster Shake we created the world’s first wearable coupon as a prize for finishing them both. By using TV and social we drove traffic to the stores for people to attempt the Triple Decker Monster Shake Challenge. If a customer is able to finish both in one sitting, they will win a T-shirt. But, unlike other t-shirt prizes, this is the prize that keeps on giving. By activating the t-shirt during slow times or special events the wearer and get free or discounted items throughout the year just for wearing it. The contest has very succesfully brought in a whole new group of young people into the Friendly's brand!
The Triple Decker Monster Shake Challenge promotional POP example
Monster Shake Challenge User Generated Content Example
The Triple Decker Monster Shake Challenge promotional television example
User generated social content examples
Social post examples
We have done a complete overhaul of the menu design and system, and it has yielded very delicous results :)
In-store pop example
BFF Club logo example
In-store pop example
The Challenge

To change the way people think about Friendly's, re-ignite the passion in brand loyalists and drive traffic to discover what’s new.

The Solution

We got rid of all the old fashioned nostalgia, put the food on a pedestal and gave them a fresh voice and look and feel from menus, to photography, to social and digital, to promotional television that matches an outrageous and unexpected new menu.

The Result

The campaign is launched early this year and results are showing immediate signs of making a very positive impact on sales vs year over year, including bringing new demographics into the restaurants with a brand new energy!