Av Yachts

Instant Yachtification

We are just launching the global brand and brand campaign for Av Yachts. Av Yachts is transforming the yachting world by introducing fractional yacht ownership making yacht ownership available and exciting to an entirely new group of people. Here’s just a few quick examples of this integrated global lifestyle campaign that is currently rolling out.

Launch lifestyle site example
Launch lifestyle site example
Launch lifestyle site example
Launch lifestyle site example
Launch social example
The Challenge

Launch and brand Av Yachts in a way that telegraphs that fractional yacht ownership provides a less expensive, less headache-inducing alternative for those who wish to own a yacht. Av Yachts gives instant access to a luxury lifestyle and an entire world that normally takes years and tens of millions of dollars to master.

The Solution

We invented the term "Instant Yachtificaton." Instant Yachtification is about how the Av Yachts lifestyle is transforming the yachting industry by opening up a whole world of possibilities that many never thought possible for them and their families. When you remove the stress and hassle from the entire equation, the yachting world is full of fun, adventure, wonder, care and service that few other things in life can match. Our integrated campaign combined with our recently created photography, captures the essence of that now accessible lifestyle.

The Av Yachts Instant Yachtification is about removing all of the barriers to entry immediately opening up a world that normally takes years to master that many can immediately enjoy, whereas they normally would not even know where to begin.

The Result

The campaign is just launching!