Symmetry Panoramic Mutual Funds

Money doesn't operate on emotions. Neither do we.

Launching a new type of mutual fund in a sea of financial world sameness. We created both a B2B program for advisors and B2C program for potential fund participants based on the campaign platform.

Participant pre-roll launch video .
The Challenge

Launch the new Symmetry Panoramic Funds that are based on factor investing, an investment approach that involves targeting quantifiable firm characteristics or “factors” that can explain differences in stock returns to help eliminate letting human emotion interfere. But how do you make the fund stand out in a world of thousands of mutual funds?

The Solution

When you put together a mutual fund based on factor investing you remove all the emotional and volatile gut instincts that other funds gamble on and get a fund that succeeds on solid data. A fund that stands out from the pack deserves a message that stands out from the pack.