Society Of Grownups

Panic moments social campaign

Everyone has that moment in life when they need to make an adult decision – like planning a wedding, asking for a raise, buying a house or thinking long-term about retirement. Well don’t panic, Society Of Grownups can help. SOG came to us to create a viral campaign targeting Millennials and we did just that.

Success story: Our campaign surpassed goals by over 5,980% across all channels with this content and made it onto Spike TV Funniest Commercials Of The Year

Here's a content creation example.
Each video was made to feel entirely different to increase "viralness" and to appeal to different audiences.
As part of our influencer strategy, we also used the actual Double Rainbow guy who created one of the most viral YouTube videos of all time to essentially port his huge audience to us.
The Challenge

As part of their national roll out, Society Of Grownups came to us to create a disruptive social campaign that would be unique in the financial category by letting Millennials know in a relevant way that they can help them with their financial "panic/adult" moments.

The Solution

We used a unique social media method to humorously set up the "Panic Moments" and show that Society Of Grownups has the solution. Even though every viral spot looks completely different and appeals to different personalities by design, they all stick the landing with strong messaging and graphic branding.

The Result

Our campaign surpassed goals by over 5,980%.