Olympus Stylus Tough campaign

The Concept

Our “Proof” campaign adapts a show don’t tell approach where we put the Olympus Tough camera test in this award-wining ongoing video series. See work below or click to read the case study.

Olympus Stylus Tough creative examples

Washing machine proof pre-roll digital video.
Ocean proof pre-roll video.
Strike proof pre-roll video.
Squeeze play proof pre-roll video.
Snowplow proof pre-roll video.
Sponge cell, point roll and smart spot OLA units ran on ESPN and X Games.
X Games page takeover example.
Custom rich media units where users could view the videos and wipe water away from photos, garnered a high 4.54% engagement rate driving 10K click throughs to the Tough landing page. Millenial media mobile ad example.
The Challenge

Develop an impactful campaign with a very tight budget.

The Solution

The Olympus Stylus Tough is a camera that can take photos & videos 30 feet underwater, can withstand temperatures of -10, a 6 foot drop and even 220 pounds of pressure. To show that the Tough lived up to it’s name we placed it tough situations. In a baseball game, inside a washing machine, a lobster trap, in a bowling ally, under a snow grooming machine and many others. Each test could have proved fatal for the camera, but it easily made it through all of the challenges. Due to it’s success, the campaign is now in it’s 3rd year, but the budgets for the campaign is limited so we consistently leverage digital media specifically because it’s the best way to maximize our media dollars as well as target our outdoor enthusiasts.

The Result

The Proof campaign has performed incredibly well year over year with a small production and media budget.

The Tough TG-2 iHS sold out in three months and the campaign generated 175,533,923 impressions with a very high 0.34% click through rate. It’s also generated over 275,000 page visits to getolympus.com

Olympus content was shared via social media over 50K times.