J Jill uncomplicate

The Concept

Our award-winning J Jill “uncomplicate” campaign recently won a highly coveted Jay Chiat award for creative work that ignites a strategic insight based on research. The “uncomplicate” campaign seeks to connect with Baby Boomer aged women in a way that is real and authentic to where she is in her life. She has reached a stage in life where she focuses only on what’s simple, real, important and on what actually matters. The campaign uniquely leverages that insight across all channels. See work below or click to read the case study.

J Jill campaign launch examples

You're comfortable in your own skin. Why not be comfortable in your clothes? Digital, print and in-store example.
The digital ran on target appropriate sites as well as the brand's e-commerce site.
The Challenge

Connect with Baby Boomer aged women in a way that is real and in a way that resonates deeply with the stage of life they are in.

The Solution

Our award-winning “uncomplicate ” campaign created in partnership with Cercone Brown is a deeply integrated platform conceived from research as the lifestyle brand set out to rethink how to better reach its core customer – Baby Boomer women aged 45-64. Since its founding in 1959, J. Jill’s strength lay in a commitment to classic silhouettes and natural fabrics that connect to American women of all ages, particularly Boomers.

Research revealed that the target was at a point in her life where she is trying to simplify everything and remove anything that isn’t real or uncomplicated. She seeks the honest , real and simple things in life and wants to look her best. Our “uncomplicate” platform was all about connecting with the target on that level. The campaign also has a second product benefit related meaning which is the simplicity with which she can look good and put things together.

Prior to the campaign the brand had experienced two acquisitions by outsiders, including one by a competitor which veered the brand from its core attributes and alienated many fans. After securing independence in 2009 and retooling product assortment and operations, the brand was ready to reemerge and reengage the market with a fresh take on its fundamental strengths with the “uncomplicate” brand platform.

The Result

The campaign has produced the best sales results in the company’s history.