Senior AE position
If you can juggle chain saws without batting an eye – you just may be fantastical. If you are fluent in social, digital and powerpoint – you just may be fantastical. If you want to work with creatives without feeling like a party crasher – you just may be fantastical.


What is a Fantastical Senior AE?

A Fantastical AE will need 2-3 years of agency experience.
A Fantastical AE needs to sweat the details from briefs and billing to budgets and estimates.
A Fantastical AE can solve problems without a lot of hand holding.
A Fantastical AE is good writer and can confidently speak to even our most senior clients.
A Fantastical AE should be a strategic thinker that is as passionate about evolving professionally coolas they are about delivering fantastic work.
A Fantastical AE should be as easy-going as they are smart. There are not a lot of places to hide here so you’ll need to jump in the pool, work hard and have fun with our team.

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Here are other positions we are currently looking to fill.

All of our Summer 2017 paid internships are filled.
Feel free to send us a note midsummer when we are looking for Art Director, Writer and Account Service interns for Fall 2017. Creative interns must have spec creative examples to show.

The Fantastical Employee is:

The embodiment of something magical based in reality, because that’s what our roles demand.  Leading businesses into the future and toward success while navigating the challenges of the business, competition, economy, industry landscape and creativity; a solid mixture of the right and left-brain. To be successful at TF one needs to be creative, strategic, self-motivated, business savvy, interesting, diplomatic, organized and one who can roll with the punches; as well as deliver one from time to time. We are still a small shop, so everyone needs to be able to stretch both ways.   The opportunity to take on more is enormous and can be career defining.  The reality of making your own copies is, well, the reality.

The Fantastical is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in the workplace.