The Concept

The Happy People Making People Happy campaign was designed to make the viewer laugh, but it also was about informing people that they had a generous 365 day return policy, were fun and customer based company that carried popular brands and most importantly, they sold more than shoes. Then we carried this voice throughout all our integrated communications.

Zappos campaign examples

  • View the case study video.

    View the case study video
  • Tv spot and Pre roll.

    Tv spot and Pre roll
  • TV spot and Pre roll.

    TV spot and Pre roll
  • Digital example.

    Digital example
  • Digital example.

    Digital example
  • Consecutive small space print.

    Consecutive small space print
  • Digital and print.

    Digital and print
The Challenge

Zappos had a familiar problem. They outgrew their original business model. People thought of them as a shoe company and they wanted to be much bigger than that. Plus they didn’t have a voice.

The Solution

Since the soul of Zappos was their customer service center, we started there. We only had to sit through one call for their brand personality to become clear. is "Happy people making people happy."

We captured their voice by calling unsuspecting customer service representatives and plying them with the most unorthodox and entertaining requests. Then we took the audio from these calls and turned them into TV and radio spots.

The Result

The end result was a fantastic growth in sales and an enthusiastic response from happy customers as well as employees.