Planet Fitness

The Concept

Planet fitness is the nation’s largest fitness chain (and growing). It doesn’t target gym rats and muscle heads like the other chains, they target the rest of the population. Regular people. People that want to get in shape without feeling like they are losers because they aren’t wearing the right gear or lifting enough weight. The “No Lunkheads” campaign highlights that in a very memorable way.

Planet Fitness campaign examples

Here are several examples of the campaign.

  • Planet Fitness TV. I lift things up I put them down.

    Planet Fitness TV
  • Bang, bang, bang.

    Bang, bang, bang.
  • I made a bunny ear.

    I made a bunny ear.
The Challenge

Many gyms are intimidating to “regular” people. How do you leverage the fact that Planet Fitness is for everyone?

The Solution

The integrated “No Lunkheads” campaign became an overnight cultural phenomenon and instantly made a connection with the target in a way that they had been waiting for a gym to do.

The Result

Our campaign helped take them from number 3 to number 1 in the category.