Panera Bread

The Concept

We created an enduring campaign over 7 years that focuses on the quality of the experience and balances that with the quality of the products. The campaign shows how Panera is a wonderful place to relax, unwind and connect and enjoy great food.

The Challenge

There was an overall concern that advertising equated to a mass-market offering and thus a lack of specialness so advertising and social media had to celebrate the premium quality of Panera products but with higher-level focus on the sense of community that comes with dining there in a brand appropriate way.

The Solution

With our stewardship over 7 years, we literally created the brand voice for thousands of radio, outdoor, online advertising, TV advertising, print ads, microsites and social media initiatives that motivated consumers to experience Panera.
The Result

The Result

The results and brand success were truly spectacular year over year as was store growth across the US. Panera Bread grew from 893 bakery-cafes to 1,691 in 41 states under our watch. The stock also consistently remains one of the hottest in the category.