The Concept

MyPanera is the customer loyalty program for Panera. It has a tremendously active community who wants to see unique content from within the community. We created the My Interest program and video series as a way of connecting members to one another in a deeper way both on the MyPanera site as well as in social media channels. See work below or click to read the case study.

MyPanera campaign examples

  • MyPanera MyInterest video series - Beekeeper. A video series where we highlight various real MyPanera members interests and talents.

    MyPanera MyInterest video series - Beekeeper
  • MyPanera MyInterest video series - Backyard Chickens. A shared philosophy on doing things the right way.

    MyPanera MyInterest video series - Backyard Chickens
The Challenge

Develop an organic way of connecting MyPanera members together. MyPanera is the loyalty program for Panera that has it's own site and it's own active community. Members are made up of vastly different types of people and there is a tremendous sense of community among members.

The Solution

We developed the MyPanera My Interest video series that highlights various actual MyPanera members and deepens. The video series lives on the MyPanera site and is pushed through Panera's various social media channels.

The Result

The videos have been incredibly successful in getting MyPanera members to engage with the brand in a deeper and more personal way.